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The Casino of Monte-Carlo is the first casino inaugurated in Europe in 1863. The beautiful decorations represents the typical style of architecture duing the reign of Napoleon III.
Firstly, the visitors proceed to the atrio, they see the 28 marble onyx columns which surround it. You can access to brightened "European gaming rooms" crossing Renaissance room. If you would to play with high-rollers with much money, you can also visit the prestigious "Private gaming rooms" entering from the other side of the room. In the last, "White gaming rooms" are waiting for the modern gamblers who is good at playing videopokers in Rose room. There are two elegant fantastic restaurants available; "Les Privés" and new "Train Bleu" whici are located at the entrance of the gaming rooms and you can enjoy wonderful view of Place of Casino from there.
Before you go to play, you must remember that you have to be dressed well and men is required to wear coats and ties. It's also important for tourists to show passport for the gambles (as Monegasque citizens are prohibited from gambling at the casino). You can only visit the casino without gambling, but also for a nominal fee.

Casino of Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
Tel: 98 06 21 21

Admission charge: 10€ (except for holders of the S.B.M "Carte d'Or")

*10€ (additional charge for "Private gaming rooms")
*Atrio is free entrance over 18 years old
*Open all year round from 14:00
*An identify document must be shown
*Proper dress must be worn

European gaming rooms (Salons Européens)

The room is illuminated with 8 Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Each chandeliers weights 150kg. You can play here Roulette Europea e Inglese, Trente et Quarante. Punto Banco, Poker Texas Hold'em Ultimate.

Private gaming rooms (Salons Privés)

The rooms called "Les Privés" are Empire, Médecin and Touzet
. The games we can play in these elegant rooms are Roulette Europea, Chemin de Fer, Black Jack, Punto Banco, Trente et Quarante.
Open from 20:00 on weekend in May and June, everyday in July and August.
Men must be worn jackets.

Additional entrance fee 10€ is required.

White gaming rooms (Salle Blanche)

This room has avant-garde games like slot-machines and video-pokers which permit us to play at affordable prices. A graceful rétro style bar offers us relax moment in animated atmosphere.