Name of the country

・Principality of Monaco (English)
・Principauté de Monaco (French)

National Flag

Two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and White, both of which have been the heraldic colors of the House of Grimaldi since at least 1339.

State Flag

It consists of the full achievement of the coat of arms.

Interior: The central shield is "blazoned" (described in the technical language of heraldry), fusily (or lozengy) argent and gules.

Exterior: The monks supporting the shield in the coat of arms allude to the conquest of Monaco in 1297. The collar surrounding the shield represents the Order of St.Charles.

Time Difference

There are 6 hours' difference between Monaco and New York all year round. In Europa, approximately as USA , Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts periodically from the last Sunday of March, and ends on the last Sunday of October.

Entry requirements

Passports are required to enter and leave both France and Monaco. Passports must be valid for more than 90days during a stay. Visas are not required for visits of less than 90days. For longer stay or other motives, it's better contact the French embassy in advance.

General information of Monaco

・Name of the country: Principality of Monaco
・Area: 2,02k㎡
・Major quarter: Monte carlo
・Population: 35,881 (2012)
・Capital: Monaco
・Language: French (official), English, Italian, Monégasque
・Religion: Roman catholic (90%)
・Calling code: +377