Eternal independent " The Principality" !

Monaco is located along the French Riviera, near the Italian border. It's the second smallest and the most densely populated in the world. Monaco is not only the name of country but also its capital. The Principality is divided into four aras: Monaco-Ville (the Old city), the Condamine (port quarter), Monte-Carlo (business and recreation), and Fortville (recreation and light industry). Most popular area is Monte-Carlo where is chic and main place of the country. And there stands Casino whichi is very important resource for the Principality's economy.

The Principality of Monaco is a constitutional monarchy. Its story is going back to 1215, when Monaco is refounded as a colony of Genoa. Monaco was first ruled by a member of the House of Grimaldi in 1297. When the Grimalds purchased Monaco from the crown of Aragon in 1419, they became the official and undisputed rulers of "the Rock of Monaco". In 1642 received at the court of Louis XIII as "Duc et Pair Etranger". The princes Monaco thus became vassals of the French kings while at the same time remaining sovereign princes until the French Revolution. The Principality, although suffered from several conflictions with Sardinia and France, Monaco could survive successfully as a independent country. Now the Principality has become a famous resort for turists and tax haven for business. It attracts rich people not only for this advantageous system but for luxurious atmosphere. We remember that Prince Ranier married the American actress Grace Kelly in 1956. One of their three children, Albert II now reign over Monaco since 2005.

Tourist office:
From mid-June to late-September additional tourist information kiosks open around the harbour and the train station.
Address: 2a, Boulevard des Moulins (Close to the Casino de Monte Carlo)
Tel: (+377) 921 66 116
Fax: (+377) 921 66 000
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 09.00am-07.00pm
Sun 10.00am-01.00pm