Currency and Exchange

The currency of Vietnam is Dong. The currency code for Dong is , and the currency symbol is ₫.
There are 9 notes from 1,000-500,000 in circulation.
1.00 USD = 21,100 VND (As of Jun 2014)


Currency exchange is available at the airports, banks, and some of tourist offices.
Banks are many in the city.
If you suppose to buy something at shops on the street, you'd better have small bills because in some cases there may be no change.

Credit Cards

You can use credit cards in some restaurants and gift shops, but for local purchasing you will always pay in cash. Credit card is not so popular yet.
ATMs are on the increase in the cities or urban areas, so you can easily get cash.


Basically there is no custom of tipping in Vietnam , so it's no need to tip at cafés and restaurants, and taxi in general.
However, if you receive a good service, it's nice to give a tip.