Ceramic and pottery products of traditional beauty are made in the "Village of Porcelain".

"Bát Tràng porcelain" means products made in Bát Tràng village of about 10km southeast of Hanoi.
Most of the village inhabitants are involved in porcelain and pottery manufacture. Ceramic workshops have also increased to 100.

The history of ceramics in Vietnam began in the 10th century. Since then, Bát Tràng ceramics trade has developed and flourished in Vietnam.
The village’s rustic handmade products are well-known for their best quality, style and glaze with pleasure palette.
"The glaze of Bat Trang products is very shiny and imparts a feeling of softness. They are always heavier than those produced elsewhere as they have a higher composition of porcelain." These things create the charm of Bát Tràng products which cannot be found in any industrial products.
Bát Tràng porcelain ware of high quality have been exported worldwide in the recent years. To meet the oversea and domestic demand and taste, Bat Trang has adopted various designs and innovative techniques, but remained its essence, uniqueness and traditional value.

Coming to Bát Tràng pottery village, the tourists have chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the village, buy the products and tour the manufacturing process. Here, you can also have chance to shape clay, or learn to be an "artist" through pottery drawing hobby.

Visiting Bat Trang ceramic village is quite an interesting experience for tourists. Its tranquility, sophisticated products and villagers’ hospitality will forever remain in your mind.

How to go to Bát Tràng village

Chartering a public taxi from Hanoi costs about 25 USD half a day. It takes about 20 minutes to get the village.
You can catch the bus number 47 (Long Bien-Bat Trang), about 40 minutes one way, or ride a motorbike or get a mototaxi from the center of Hanoi to Bat Trang ( 20 minutes).

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