Let's go on a sightseeing tour around Hanoi leisurely and feel the wind.

Cycle rickshaws are used in many countries, especially in Asia. It is called cyclo in Cambodia and Vietnam.

When you come to Hanoi for the first time, I suggest you go sightseeing around the maze-like old town by cyclo.
Cyclo is human-powered tricycle taxi, now mostly a tourist attraction proposed by big hotels.
It is one of the types of green tourism which visitors tend to use much for visiting Hanoi. 

The characteristic of Vietnamese cyclo is that the driver sits behind passengers, so it is far easier for passengers to look around without being blocking at the front.
Travelling in a cyclo, you can catch the scenes of Hanoians' life with all of your senses, admire beautiful landscapes welcoming the fresh breezes of wind.
How pleasant it is for you to enjoy relaxation on a short urban trip.

If you want to hire a cyclo, always negotiate the fare in advance.
For safety and security reasons, it is better to use cyclos run by tourist companies or hotels.

Where to catch a cyclo

You can get a cyclo around the intersection of Lo Su St. and Tran Quang Khai St. in the Old Town area.
If you're in the south of Hoan Kiem Lake, catch a cyclo at the intersection of Hai Ba Trung St. and Le Thanh Tong St.

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