Let's enjoy delicious and cheap beer in the "Beer Heaven" Vietnam.

Beer is the most popular alcohol drink in Vietnam. This country is supposed to the biggest beer-drinking nation in Southeast Asia.
Walking down the street, you will often see people drinking beer by the table and small plastic chairs on the street (even in the daytime).
Clinking glasses, Vietnamese drinks with lovely chants "Mot, hai, ba ... dzo!!" (One, two, three ... cheers!!).
One of the Vietnamese drinking customs is that they usually want their partners to down the glass.
So, everyone must drink the same amount, and they often be forced to empty the 100% glass.
They always say "Trăm phần trăm" (Bottom up !)
That's why people are frequently on their own booze home.
As you know, beer is an important means of communication for local people. For tourists, it is also a useful tool to communicate without knowing the language.
Now, Let's experience beer in the local bar if you come to Hanoi.


BIA HA NOI (Hanoi Beer), a beer brand of Habeco partially owned by Carlsberg in Denmark since the 1990s, is the second best-selling drink in Vietnam.
It is a beer that is widely-prefered in the North (especially in Hanoi) and Centre of Vietnam.
Hanoi beer is popular for its high quality and unique taste.
Surprisingly, this delicious beer is not drunk in the south at all, such as Ho Chi Minh City.
So, it is implied that each region of Vietnam has its own favorite beer.

Bia Hoi

Bia Hoi is a type of the draft beer that is sold in the local restaurants.
You can find it everywhere in the city.
It is cheap, about 25US cents a glass of beer.
Bia Hoi is very light, about 3 percent or less of alcohol level. It feels like water, and it is a good refresh on a hot day.
Also, spicy Vietnamese dishes go well with beer.
Why don't you sit on a small plastic chair, drink beer with boiled peanuts and enjoy the feeling of being Vietnamese in such a wonderful way?

Photos by fabulousfabs and jit bag.