International Call

How to call to Abroad from Madrid

For example: To the united States
1. first, dial 00 (Spain exit code to dial first when calling international )
2. and then dial 1 (US country code)
3. and then dial Area Code (New York city : 917, 646, 212 / Los Angeles: 323, 310, 213)
4. and dial Local Number

00+1+ Area Cord+ local Number

How to call to Madrid from Abroad

For example: From the united States
1. first, dial 011 (Exit code when making an international call from United States)
2. and then dial 34 (Spanish country code for inbound calls )
3. and then dial 93 (Barcelona city code )
4. and dial Local Number

011 + 34 + 93 + Local Number

Telephone Card

There are a few telephone card. For example;
1. STA International SIM Card
Free to receive calls in Spain. Free for your friends and family to call you For the first 30 minutes there is no charge for anyone, after that you pay 49c per minute.
2. Happy Móvil SIM card
Happy Móvil charge 5.8c per minute for calls to landlines in Western Europe, the US & Canada and Australia. Cell phone calls cost 20c per minute (5.8c to the US and Canada). Taxes are not included. Receiving calls is free, no matter where the call comes from.
You can buy these cards at Kiosco or Estanco.

Photo Kiosco(Madrid) by jacilluch


Send a letter from Madrid

■”via air mail" is "Por Avión" in Spanish.
e.g. Por Avión to U.S.A , Por Avión to Canada

You can buy at Estanco and post office.

There are two different mailbox in Spain. Red one is for express mail. so drop your letters in the yellow one that says "Extranjero (overseas )".

■if you want to send EMS or registered mail, please go to post office.

Business hour of post office in Madrid

(Mon-Sat) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(Regular holiday) Sunday and national holiday

Central Post Office may open on Sunday.

Photo by Jim Anzalone


Postcard from €0.78
Sealed letter from €0.78
EMS from €64.10

Home delivery service

if you send important thing, it is better to use a home delivery service than send by post. The service is faster and more accurately.
e.g. DHL , FedEx