The Country Name

■English:Spain  ■Español: España


The flag of Spain is defined in the Spanish Constitution of 1978, consists of three horizontal stripes: red, yellow and red, the yellow stripe being twice the size of each red stripe. In the middle of the yellow band there is the coat of arms of Spain. This will figure on both sides of the flag.

Coat of Arms

The current coat of arms of Spain was approved by law in 1981, when the present established replaced the interim version which, in turn, replaced the official arms of Francoist Spain. The coat of arms appears in the flag of Spain. It symbolizes the country, the old kingdoms of Spain, the Royal Crown, the Imperial Crown, the Constitutional monarchy, the Spanish national motto: Plus Ultra, and the Pillars of Hercules with the Spanish geographic situation.

Time Zone

Summer time: +1 hour


Spanish(Castellano), Basque, Catalan, Galician and Valencian

Genaral Information

 Area605.77 km2
 Populationabout 3,215,633
 Nationthe majority of Spanish are Latins Spanish
 Religionabout 75% is Catholic

National Holidays

January 1stNew Year's HolidayAño Nuevo
May 1stMay DayDía del Trabajador
August 15thAssumption of MaryAsunción
October 12thHispanic DayDía de la
November 1stAll Saints' Day Todos los Santos
December 6thConstitution DayDía de la Constitución
December 8thImmaculate ConceptionInmaculada Concepción
December 25th Christmas DayNavidad del Señor