Climate & Weather of Madrid

Madrid Climate Chart

Max(℃) 9.712.015.717.521.426.931.230.726.019.013.410.119.4
Average(℃) 6.27.910.712.416.121.024.824.520.514.
Rainfall(mm) 373526475225151028495656436
Monthly Daylight1481572142312723103593352611981571242,769

the four seasons of Madrid

Spring (from March to May)

Spring is one of the most pleasant times of the year to visit Madrid. The long days are generally warm and the nights cool. The weather is mild and the air is crisp. Rain is not uncommon at this time of the year, and days are often quite windy.

Photo by Francisco Antunes

Summer (from June to August)

Madrid's summer should really be divided into two sections; the pleasant summer and very-hot-summer. The city simply gets very hot, with temperature frequently touching into the 40 ℃. But It is a good time of the year to visit Madrid, especially to enjoy the long warm nights in June.

Photo by bjaglin

Autumn (from September to November)

Like spring, autumn is an excellent time for a visit. The city's mood is quite different as everyone has recently returned to work or school after the August holidays, the temperature is very pleasant. There are also many cultural events.

Winter (from December to February)

Winter in Madrid is usually cold and quite dry and the rainy season. There is sometime snow in the center, but it will not stay usually. You should wear warm clothes.