City is living over the papacy ever after

Avignon is the main city (200,000 people) of the départment of Vaucluse and stands on the banks of the Rhone river where to be seen a famous bridge over. Avignon has the world's largest Gothic edifice "Le Palais des Papes" (The Papal Palace) where 7 Popes had lived from 1305 to 1417. Its imposing building is made of stone with frescoes in the rooms. The city has 2 main rivers: the Rhone and the Durance which both were important routes of trade and communication even in prehistoric times. Floating long Island in the Rhone enables people and goods to ferry, and it's become easier to get there thanks to a bridge. Talking of bridge, Avignon is proud of many monumental buildings from new to the agelss. In fact, Avignon had integrated activity and architcts, builders, artists gathered in this town. It had possessed more than 100 churches within the city at that time, but now they had been transformed into shops and to a movie theater. Even throuth big changing, these activity and richness are generated by the papacy and its memory exsists eternally.