Full of cute and small gifts everywhere

Provence abounds with lovely goods and goodies to savor on the spot or take home for your friends or family. You can buy many things at reasonable price without worrying budget. Their products prevailingly fascinate for women both to use and to present, but they promise everyone to be able to enjoy shopping. Here’s a list of some of the more popular items you can find around the region. Each of them is only found in this place directly!

Herbes de Provence

Provence is famous for its herbs, and quite rightly the culinary “poster child” for this region is this mix of savory, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram, and fennel (some combinations vary). Used to season everything from chicken to gratins, you’ll find this magic herb combo at supermarkets and gourmet shops

Lavender products

From lavender sachets to lavender-infused honey, you’ll have ample souvenirs to take home. Lavender soaps are especially easy to tote in your suitcase as gifts.

Soaps (Savon de Marseille)

You’ll find many colorful soaps at the Provençal markets, but few qualify as official Savon de Marseille – whose ingredients and processing follow strict guidelines. You can use it as body soap or just keep it in your closet for perfuming underwears as well. It smells fresh whenever you put them on.

Santons de Provence (Santon clay figurines)

All Santons de Provence sold here are made in Provence from clay by a local craftsman which have been fired before being hand-painted. There are many types of people from Jesus to the Pope. It's really interesting watching them. Each santon has a stamp of origin in it's base.
All adult santon figurines are of an approximate height of 7cm (not countig the base and head gear) and all animals and accessories are of correct relating sizes. This makes them compatible with other "Santons Taille 7cm".


Vividly colored potteries are really cute for a gift for memory of Provence. There are painted with variety of disigns inside. They are not cheap, but it lasts long time and could be used for many purposes: decoration, dishe for foods, accessory case, etc.


This delicious soft cookies come from Aix-en-Provence (near Marseille). Calissons are made with a paste of candied fruit and ground almonds & topped with icing. Similar in texture to marzipan, but with fruiter tones, calissons are frequently almond-shaped.


Provence has a rich soil for producing good wine. It's best known for the quality (and quantity) of its rosé wines and for its warm Mediterranean climate. The typical Provence wine are: Cotes de Provence rosé, Bellet (near Nice), Les Baux-de-Provence, Bandol and Cassis.