Japanese Manners and Tip

A Public Place

It's prohibited to take photos in museums.

■a Public place
・It is considered rude to talk on your cell phone on trains and buses.
・In Japan, when using an escalator one has to leave open one side for other people passing by. In Tokyo, people stand on the left side of the escalator, while the right side is opened for those who are in a hurry. In Osaka, it is the opposite.

■Spa(Hot springs)
・People who have tattoos on their bodies may be prohibited to enter the hot springs.
・Before entering hot spring or spa, take a shower first.

Walking down the street while smoking is one of the biggest no-nos in Japan. In many areas it's illegal. In fact, smoking cigarettes is prohibited in most areas of Japan. In very public areas, such as in the middle of a festival or at a rally, they will have smoking rooms for you to use. Generally assume that you can't smoke freely anywhere in Japan.


There is no tipping in any situation in Japan – cabs, restaurants, personal care. Just say "Arigatou(Thank you)" with your smile:)