Electricity & Internet


The voltage in Japan is 100 Volt.
The frequency of electric current is 50 Hertz in Eastern Japan (including Tokyo, Yokohama, Tohoku, Hokkaido) and 60 Hertz in Western Japan (including Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shikoku, Kyushu).


Japan uses type A flat-blade two-pin plugs, unpolarized (the two blades are the same size and can be inserted either way round).


In Japan, you will find many Wi-Fi signals which you can enjoy browsing the internet. Please note they often require a password for security reasons. (In an effort to prevent internet-related crimes, service providers are required to identify whom they are providing the services to. Some require long-term contracts which normally are limited to residents of Japan.)Also, most accommodations are internet-ready.
In such case, please use a wireless travel router.
If your budget allows, hiring a mobile hotspot device at the airport is another good option. You can use it in any areas the mobile covers.

Internet / Manga cafes

For more frequent use of the internet, or simply for the experience, a visit to a Japanese manga-cum-internet cafe is recommended.
Manga/internet cafes come in many shapes and sizes, but what makes them different is their double function, i.e. as places where people not only use the internet but also read comics (manga).
Japanese manga comics are immensely popular and many Japanese internet cafes are also known as manga- or media-cafes.