Access from Narita Airport to Tokyo City

There are 3 ways to go to Tokyo City, Trains, Buses and Taxi.


There are a number of ways of getting to/from Tokyo Narita Airport by train.

◇JR Narita Express
The Narita Express or N'EX is fast, convenient and pleasant to ride, directly connecting Narita International Airport with major urban areas in and around Tokyo including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama. With the convenience of N'EX, there are no more stressful transfers.
・to Tokyo station: 2,940 yen(about 1h)
・to Shibuya or Shinjuku: 3,110 yen(about 1h 20min)

◇Keisei Skyliner
The Skyliner is a high speed train that operates between Narita Airport and Ueno station. The Skyliner provides non-stop service to Nippori station.
・to Ueno or Nippori station: 2,400 yen(about 40min)

◇Keisei Narita Airport Line
The Keisei Narita Airport Line is a Japanese railway line running between Keisei-Takasago Station and Narita Airport Station. The entire route from Keisei Ueno Station, including the Keisei Main Line as far as Keisei-Takasago, is branded Narita Sky Access.
・to Nihon-Bashi: 1,280 yen(about 59min)

※The N’EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) for Foreign Visitors
JR EAST is selling the N’EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way), a discount ticket for foreign visitors to Japan.
This one-way discount ticket can be used for Ordinary Car reserved seats of the Narita Express (N’EX) Limited
Express train.
It takes roughly one hour to get from Narita Airport to Tōkyō Station on the Narita Express (N’EX).
・ P r i c e : Adult (age 12 and over): 1,500 yen; Child (age 6 to 11): 750 yen
・Period of Validity : One day


There is also a network of Airport Limousine shuttle buses that serve most major hubs within Tokyo, stopping at major hotels, as well as some suburbs. Prices are comparable to the Narita Express train services (¥3,000/person), but are convenient for the first-time traveler as they take you directly to your hotel. The Airport Limousine is also one way to transfer to Haneda Airport; Access Tokkyu trains are cheaper, but Airport Limousines are much more frequent. The journey to most points in central Tokyo takes 90 minutes or so, but watch out in rush hour (especially on the way to the airport) as there may be traffic jams. The Airport Limousine buses make three pickup stops (Terminal 1 North Wing, Terminal 1 South Wing, Terminal 2) and two dropoff stops (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2).

・Limousine Bus: 3,000 yen(75-125min)
・Keisei Bus: 900 yen, 1,500 yen( early morning and late night) you can catch it at any time of day without a booking from Narita Airport.
・Heiwa Kotsu: 1,000 yen, child 500 yen(about 95min)


A taxi to central Tokyo is extremely expensive, on the order of ¥30000 if you hail one directly by yourself (equivalent to a few nights stay in the average Tokyo hotel), and you are more likely to get stuck in a traffic jam than save any time. Flat fare taxi cabs to Tokyo go for around ¥17000-19000 from special taxi ranks, but even so, if you're in a hurry, it's generally much faster and cheaper to take the Narita Express or the Skyliner, and change to a taxi upon arriving in Tokyo or Ueno. If you're not in a hurry, consider the airport limousine bus.

Flat-rate fare Taxi

AEdogawa, Katsushika, adachiK: 15,000, W: 18,000
BKoutou, Sumida, Minatoku Daiba, Shinagawa HigashiyashioK: 18,000, W: 19,000
CChuo, Chiyoda, Daitou, Bunkyou, ArakawaK: 19,000, W: 21,000
DShinjuku, Toyoshima, Nakano, Meguro, Minato, Shinagawa, OotaK: 21,000, W: 22,000
EItabashi, Kita, NerimaK: 23,000, W: 24,000
FSetagaya, Suginami, Mitaka, MusashinoK: 24,000, W: 26,000

※K: via Keiyo Stret, W: via Metropolitan Expressway Wangan line

Access from Haneda Airport to Tokyo City

There are 4 ways to go to Tokyo City, Trains, Buses, Monorail and Taxi.

Trains & Monorail

The easiest and most scenic way from Haneda to the city is the Tokyo Monorail running to Hamamatsucho for ¥470, from where you can connect to almost anywhere in Tokyo on the JR Yamanote line. The monorail has a station at each of Haneda's three terminals. From the International Terminal, trains reach Hamamatsucho in as little as 14 minutes on the nonstop services; the domestic terminals are about 5 minutes farther down the line. JR East maintains a Travel Service Center for foreigners in the International Terminal (11:00 to 18:30 daily) where vouchers can be exchanged for the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Rail Pass. The Tokyo Monorail is fully covered with either pass.


Haneda Airport is connected to various locations in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and elsewhere in the Kanto region by airport buses. See the bus route map below for information on the main bus routes. Visitors arriving at the airport should check the Haneda Airport International Terminal's bus schedule and purchase tickets before boarding the bus, either at a ticket and hotel reservation counter or through a bus ticket vending machine.

・Limousine buses: to Tokyo 900 yen(about 30-45min)
・Keikyu Bus: 560 yen(about 30min)


The taxi stand, there 1F of each terminal (arrivals hall).