General Manners & Tip


■at Church
It would be better to avoid the clothes skin exposed.
To take a photo in the church is prohibited sometimes. Please check the sine.

■at Historic remains
Even if you take back a small stone, you will be severely punished.

Smoking is strictly prohibited at public] facilities.

When entering a store, say hello.

presenting your hand, fingers extended palm facing outward are considered to be a very rude and insulting gesture to show disapproval. So, the taxi will never stop if you keep doing it! It is commonly used by drivers when they get upset. Beware if you want to show number five with the hand, you should always do it inwards (with the palm of your hand towards your face). If the gesture is done outwards, it can be misconstrued for a moutza. And also Peace sine too.


There is no rule or norm for tipping in Greece. People do not expect you to tip in anywhere else than in coffee houses, taverns, restaurants and maybe room service in the hotels. But still it is not compulsory. You can tip as much as you want or you can still no tip at all.
・Taxi: between 5% and 10%.
・Hotel: €1