Hit the beach of Greece

Greece is a treasure house on a beautiful beach. Let's goto the beaches looked like jewels.

Sarakiniko beach in Milos

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos and surely the most particular one. White rocks that can have amazing shapes often compared to a moonscape.

photo by robanhk

Myrtos beach in Kefalonia

It has gained worldwide reputation and has been constantly included in travel magazines among the best beaches in Greece and in the world.

photo by ahisgett

Navagio Beach (Ship beach) in Zakynthos

This beach is one of the most photographed landscapes in Greece. it is a white pebbly beach with magical blue waters.

photo by imagea.org

Egremni Beach in Lefcada

This beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. It is famous for remarkably blue and clear waters and long sandy beach.

photo by constant progression


Elafonisos is a small Greek island between the Peloponnese and Kythira. Simos, Sarakiniko and Panagia are the most beautiful beaches, with the golden sand and the pure water.

photo by GOC53