Passport control

If you go to The Schengen Agreement countries, you are eligible to use the gradual abolition of checks at their common borders.
Schengen Area
Iceland/italy/Estonia/Austria/Netherlands/Greece/Switzerland/Sweden/Spain/Slovakia/Slovenia/Czech republic/Denmark/germany/Norway/Hungary/Finland/France/Belgium/Poland/Portugal/Malta/Latvia/Lithuania/Liechtenstein/Luxembourg

Visa & Passport

In compliance with the EU regulations citizens from a country member of the European Union do not require a Visa and can stay in Greece as long as wanted.
To travel to Greece for tourism for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. But you need compliant passport. Not all countries participate in the system. Please check embassy's homepage of your country.


1. Check-in
Please go to the airline counter.

2. Security Check

3. Customs

4. Immigration


IVA (Value Added Tax)

IVA (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax that rate is from 6.5% to 23 % in Greece. But if your domicile is outside the European community, you can get a refund on the tax.

When you shopped at store, ask the shop staff for a Tax Free Form. Before you check in for your flight at airport, go to the Customs desk. And show the form, passport and bought.

・You spend more than €120 on your items at shop.
・Take the items back to your country. Excludes restaurant and hotel bills and general food.