The wild flowers and the almond-flower begin to truly explode all over South Italy. They are to herald the coming of spring. After daylight saving time start on March, the days are growing longer and the sunlight are getting stronger. Around May, the lemon-flower come out and wrap with a sweet scent in the area along Amalfi Coast. The first bathers start taking to the beaches.


The sunlight of South Italy is the full glare of the sun. But you will feel cool in shade of a tree or stone buildings thanks to the humidity level is low.
It is necessary to care about dress cord during sightseeing. Some of churches are not permitted enter with casual clothes like short pants, sleeveless, a miniskirt, sandals.


Autumn is truly here. Temperatures remain very comfortable everywhere. It is best season for sightseeing under the clear sky. Around October the summer time end, the sun will setting earlier and winter will comes gradually. Seasonal rainfalls help develop variety of the taste of autumn like mushrooms.


It is cooler at night and much cooler in the higher mountains. There is snow sometimes. But the heating system hasn't been prepared well in some of place in south Italy. So it is better you will protect yourself against cold weather. Christmas is an important festival here and many small towns light up the night with their traditional processions.