How to get on the Barcelona Metro

The Barcelona Metro is to take you wherever you want to go in Barcelona. It is safe to use at any time of day, it comprehensively covers most of the city and is cheap. The metro in Barcelona is open until midnight from Sunday to Thursday, until 2am on Friday and through the night on Saturday.
The Metro is safe, clean and reliable, yet it does come with a pickpocket every now and then. Do not give them an opportunity. The best thing to do is move your wallets and purses to an inside pocket and keep a firm hand on your bag or camera in front of you when travelling on Metro.

Buy a ticket

You can buy a ticket at automatic vending machine. The machine can respond to seven languages including Catalan, Spanish, English and French. You can buy a ticket of many kinds of tickets, and the use Metro and bus.

Type of the ticket

・Single ticket is for individual journeys. The cost is from €2.15. Allows for 1 trip.
But if you are here for more than one day or intend taking more than 5 journeys on the metro or buses it's best to buy the T10 ticket.
・T 10 Card is from 10.30€. The ticket can be shared between several people and can be used from the airport. One ten-journey card is cheaper than two single tickets from the airport.
・T50/30 card is from 42.50€. It is allows for 50 trips in 30 days. For one person only.
・T70/30 card is from 59.50€. It is allows for 70 trips in 30 days. For families or groups.
・T-Mes card is from 52.75€. It is unlimited travel for 30 days. For one person only. ID is required.
・T-Trimestre card is from 142.00€. It is unlimited travel for 90 days. For one person only. ID is required.
・T-Jove card is from 105.00€. It is youth Card. Unlimited travel for 90 days (under 25 years old). For one person only. ID is required.
There are more different kind of ticket. Please ask details to station staff.


The payment is accepted in cash or with a credit card.

Get on the Metro

After buying the ticket, you can proceed through the ticket gate. walk through the gate and pick up the ticket on the other side. If your ticket can't use automatic gates, showing your pass to the station staff. Keep your ticket!
The T10 card can be damaged if you keep it in your pocket and crease it. Please not to lose it.

When the train approaches it will come to a stop and it is important to remember that it is your job to open the doors. Push button or handle of the door. The doors do not automatically open and likewise, this is the same when the train comes to a stop at your destination station.