On new year's day 2002, Austria, like the other 11 members of the Eurozone, started using Euro notes and Euro coins for cash transactions.
Notes are issued in €500, €200, €100, €50, €20, €10, €5.
The coins are issued in €2, €1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, and 1c denominations.


Banks are the best places to exchange cash, but it pays to shop around as exchange rates and commission charges can vary a little between them. Normally there is a minimum commission charge of €2 to €3.50, so try to exchange your money in large amounts to save on multiple charges. Banks at train stations often have longer hours, and Wechselstuben (money-exchange offices) – usually found in the centre of large cities or at train stations – even longer, but commissions are often high.

【Banking Hours (General)】
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 3pm
Thursday: 8am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 5:30pm

ATM's are widely used in Austria and are called "Bankomat". You will find outdoor venues at most branches of Austrian banks. Please check with your local bank if your bank card is equipped with the necessary codes. A four-digit PIN is also required to access an ATM.

Taxes & refunds

All non-EU tourists are entitled to a refund of the MWST on single purchases over €75. To claim the tax, a U34 form or tax-free cheque and envelope must be completed by the shop at the time of purchase (show your passport), and then stamped by border officials when you leave the EU. To be eligible for a tax refund, goods must be taken out of the country within three months of the date of purchase. The airports at Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Graz have a counter for payment of instant refunds. There are also counters at major border crossings. The refund is best claimed as you leave the EU, otherwise you will have to track down an international refund office or claim by post from your home country.


In taxis, restaurants and other areas, service charges are usually included. Austrians make even numbers on bills by tipping less than 10 percent.