Vienna: Health & Safety

Vienna is probably one if the safest capital cities in Europe. As a female there is no need to feel threatened if you are walking in the city after dark. If you are travelling by car there are many car park garages that provide parking spaces near exits for female drivers. Unfortunately pickpockets have spread their fingers to Vienna. Beware, always have your wallet packed well away and out of reach, especially when riding a packed underground train or tramway. Also the Prater (amusement park) has been known to have pickpockets, even the Austrians are not safe from them!

Drinking water from the facets in Vienna is no problem at all. The water comes directly from the mountains and has very good quality.

Food and water

ating or drinking contaminated food and water can put you at risk of infections such as gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid. Make sure you practice good hygiene and wash your hands regularly.

Where local tap water is not safe only use bottled water to drink and brush your teeth, don't put ice in drinks, only eat fruit you can peel and avoid uncooked food, including salads.


The crime rate in Austria is low. However, petty crime (pickpocketing, bag snatching) is increasing, particularly in Vienna. Pickpockets are active in pedestrian shopping areas, restaurants, cafés, hotel lobbies and train stations, aboard public transport and at tourist attractions. International night trains travelling to and from Austria are often targeted by thieves. Exercise caution around city parks and subway stations after dark.