Salzbrug Sightseeing in half a day!
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Salzburg in half a day: 8 best sights

Salzburg is full of great sights and things to see!
If you are on a short trip, time might be scarce…
Just take this list of our personal recommendations to explore the Austrian capital in just half a day!!
We would suggest a little tour through the Salzbrug city center that passes 8 most important sights!

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

The Palace: a precious jewel
Prince-Archbishop Franz Anton von Harrach had Mirabell Palace redesigned by the famous baroque architect, Lukas von Hildebrandt, from 1721 to 1727, integrating the individual buildings into a self-contained complex. The palace was damaged by the great fire that swept through the city on April 30, 1818. A number of frescoes including those by Johann Michael Rottmayr and Gaetano Fanti fell victim to the flames. The grand marble staircase that led into the palace and the marble hall survived unscathed.
The Mirabell Gardens
The famous Mirabell Gardens were redesigned around 1690 under Prince-Archbishop Johann Ernst Graf von Thun to plans by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and completely remodeled around 1730 by Franz Anton Danreiter. The Pegasus Fountain, a work by Kaspar Gras from Innsbruck, was installed in 1913. The four groups of statues around the fountain were sculpted by Ottavio Mosto (1690) and symbolize the 4 elements: fire, air, earth and water. The Mirabell Gardens were opened to the public by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854. Today they are a horticultural masterpiece and popular backdrop for photographers.

◆Tel: (662)80720
◆Opening Times:
Orangerie: open all year round, daily 9 am-4 pm, free entrance.
The Mirabell Gardens: they are a horticultural masterpiece, open daily from approx. 6 am to dusk.


Mozart's birthplace was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at No. 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria. The Mozart family resided on the third floor from 1747 to 1773; Mozart himself was born here on 27 January 1756. He was the seventh child of Leopold Mozart who was a musician of the Salzburg Royal Chamber.
Now a museum, Mozart's birthplace introduces visitors to the early life of the composer, his first musical instruments, his friends and his passionate interest in opera. The third floor exhibits Mozart's childhood violin as well as portraits, documents and early editions of his music, and the second floor is devoted to Mozart's interest in opera and includes the clavichord on which he composed The Magic Flute. The structure is owned by the Mozart Foundation.

◆Tel: (0662)844313
◆Admissions: Adults:10.00€, Children(6-14):3.50€, Group(10 people-):8.50€
◆Opening Times: 【9/1-6/30】9:00-17:30【7/1-8/31】9:00-20:00

Franciscan Church

The Franciscan Church is one of the oldest churches in Salzburg, Austria. The church is located on the corner of Franziskanergasse and Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse opposite the Franciscan Friary in the Altstadt section of the city. The first church on this site was erected in the eighth century. Between 1408 and 1450, a Gothic choir replaced the Romanesque choir. A slender Gothic tower was added between 1468 and 1498. The church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and served as the parish church until 1635. It was ceded to the Franciscan Order in 1642. The church interior was redesigned in the baroque style in the eighteenth century by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.

◆Address: Franziskaner Gasse 5, Salzburg
◆Tel: (0662)843629
◆Opening Times: 8:00-18:30

St Peter's Abbey

St Peter's Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in the Austrian city of Salzburg. It is considered one of the oldest monasteries in the German-speaking area.

St. Rupert originally founded St. Peter's Abbey in 696 AD. The present building was constructed in the Romanesque period, then completely renovated in the 17th and 18th centuries in the Baroque style.Here Mozart's famed Mass in C Minor premiered in 1783, with his wife, Constanze, singing the lead soprano role. Mozart often directed orchestra and choir here and played its organ. During Salzburg's summer music festival in August, the Mass in C Minor is performed here as part of a church music concert.

◆Address: St. Peter Bezirk | off Kapitalpl., Salzburg, Austria
◆Tel: +43662 844576-0
◆Opening Times: 【May-Sep】10:00-18:00 【Oct-Apr】10:00-17:00
◆Admissions: Adults:€ 2.00, Children(6-16): € 1.50

Salzburg Residenz

Salzburg Residenz is a palace located at Domplatz and Residenzplatz in the old part of Salzburg, Austria. For centuries the Archbishops of Salzburg resided at the Salzburg Residenz and used the palace to present and represent their political status. Today the Salzburg Residenz palace is a museum and one of the most impressive attractions in the city.
The tour encompasses the sumptuously fitted rooms, beneath which is an immense hall of almost 600m², the ‘Carabinieri Saal", then the large ‘Rittersaal", the magnificent Audienzsaal, the bed chamber and private chapel, the ‘Thronsaal"and the ‘Weiße Saal".

◆Address: Residentz Platz 1, Salzburg
◆Tel: (0662)80422690
◆Opening Times: 10:00-17:00
◆Admissions: Adults:9€, Children(6-14):3€, Group:7€

Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is the seventeenth-century Baroque cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg in the city of Salzburg, Austria, dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius.Founded by Saint Rupert in 774 on the remnants of a Roman town, the cathedral was rebuilt in 1181 after a fire. In the seventeenth century, the cathedral was completely rebuilt in the Baroque style under Prince-Bishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau to its present appearance. Salzburg Cathedral still contains the baptismal font in which composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized.

The cathedral's treasures and the "arts and wonders" the archbishops collected in the 17th century, are displayed in the Dom Museum, entered through the cathedral.

◆Address: Domplatz, Salzburg 5010, Austria
◆Tel: +43662 8047-7950
◆Opening Times:
【Jan/Feb/Nov】Mon-Sat8:00-18:00, Sun&National Holidays 13:00-17:00
【Mar/Apr/Oct/Dec】Mon-Sat 8:00-18:00, Sun&National Holidays 13:00-18:00
【May-Sep】Mon-Sat 8:00-19:00, Sun&National Holidays13:00-19:00

Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Castle sits atop the Festungsberg, a small hill in the Austrian city of Salzburg. Erected at the behest of the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg with a length of 250 m (820 ft) and a width of 150 m (490 ft), it is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

Hohensalzburg castle was recently selected as main motif for the Austrian Nonnberg Abbey commemorative coin minted on April 5, 2006. This was the first coin of the series "Great Abbeys of Austria". It shows the Benedictine convent of Nonnberg Abbey. In the hilltop on the background, the castle and the Kajetaner church can be seen. Also in 1977 the Austrian Mint issued a coin for the 900th anniversary of Hohensalzburg castle.

◆Tel: (0662)84243011
◆Opening Times: 【5/1-9/30】9:00-19:00、【10/1-4/30】9:30-17:00

Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace is an early Baroque villa of palatial size, near Morzg, a southern district of the city of Salzburg, Austria. It was built in 1613-19 by Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, and named for the "clear spring" that supplied it. Hellbrunn was only meant for use as a day residence in summer, as the Archbishop usually returned to Salzburg in the evening, therefore, there is no bedroom in Hellbrunn.

◆Tel: (0662)8203720
◆Admissions: Adults:10.50€ Children:5.00€, Group:8.50€
◆Opening Times:
9:00-16:30(4/1-4/30), 9:00-17:30(5/1-6/30), 9:00-21:00(7/1~8/31)
9:00-17:30(9/1-9/30), 9:00-16:30(10/1-11/3)

Recommended Restaurants for Dinner

Stiftskeller St. Peter

Stiftskeller St. Peter is a restaurant within the monastery walls of St. Peter's Archabbey, Salzburg, Austria. It is claimed to be the oldest inn in Central Europe because of a documented mention of it by the scholar Alcuin in 803 AD. Stiftskeller St. Peter is believed to be one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in the world, and the oldest in Europe.

◆Tel: (0662)8412680
◆Opening Times: 11:30-24:00

Alt Salzburg

One of the most respected restaurants in the city, Alt-Salzburg is conveniently located in a beautiful area in the old town. The service is rather distant, but this adds to the old times charms, with table linens without wrinkle and napkins folded to the line.

The chefs are proud of their carefully selected menu, with filet of river char sautéed with tomatoes, mushrooms and capers one of the favorites.

◆Tel: (0662)841476
◆Opening Hours: 11:30-14:00、18:00-22:30


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