Completely rented private house!

Private house for rent.
Recommended for families and groups.
The Cool series uses houses in a residential area.
It operates near the sightseeing spot.

Enjoy your holiday at a home near the wilderness and local attractions.

I would like foreign tourists to experience various Japanese attractions.

Business, friends and families are welcome!
Life goods are ready.
Please make a reservation.

It is a two-story house. There are many bedrooms.
There is bathroom, toilet.
Amenity and washing machine / dryer are also available, so you can have a long stay.
The kitchen is also spacious and can be cooked.

-In-room Wi-Fi ※ Please be sure to follow the Wi-Fi rules

-Shared kitchen
-Dining table
-Coffee machine
-Cleaning products
-Electric kettle
-Washing machine

Guest rules

It is not a shared house.
As it is completely rented out, you can also use the kitchen.
Of course, bath and toilet are also exclusive.
All rooms will be used as your own room!
Please relax!
You are free to go and go for 24 hours
Don't bother the neighbors,
Please be quiet in your room.
Please do not smoke because it is a non-smoking room

House Rules

■ Please take off your shoes at the entrance.

■ Non smoking anywhere in this house or building.

■ If you smoke outside, please concern about neighbors and please do notmake mess there.

■ Please keep quiet from 9pm to 7am.

■ Please do not bring anyone home without permission.

■ Please do not take anything home such as cooking equipment and so on.

■ Please keep your trash in your room till you check-out.

■ Please take one towel and blanket each person and if it gets dirty, please wash them by yourself.

■ I don’t come for cleaning while you stay so please keep clean.

■ Please do not lose house key or you have to pay for new one.

■ Please call or message me immediately if something happen to you.

■ Please keep this house as clean as before you check in.

■ Please let me know 2 days before if you want to stay longer. If you ask me onthe day, I have to charge you half of cleaning fee to cancel cleaning. 18 If you check out late, I charge you 2000yen per hour.

■ If you check out too late and affect cleaning job, you might have to pay more.

■ If you leave something big things like baby cars or suitcases in the house,I need to charge you for disposal fee.

About Wi-Fi

※※ Please see the house manual for password.
It's carried around and it's OK, so you can also access a net at a going out destination, and it's convenient.
※Attention: When it has been lost, I'll have compensation money from a deposit.
※Do not use the more than 3GB for 3 days,It will be slow internet connection.

1. Please don't play movie by movie site (Youtube etc).
2. Please don't use a pocket Wi-Fi for download.
3. Please use that only for a map and a usual netsurfing.
4. Please don't change the setting of pocket wi-fi (communication mode).
※Attention: The case and I'll have compensation money from a deposit you can't obey rules.