Tickets / Pass

Osaka has one of the most comprehensive and efficient public transportation net works in Japan. There are a number of convenient train passes, which can be used for a given number of times or over a given period of time, that will provide you with discounts and take the hassle our of buying a ticket every time you board a train.


Osaka is probably the Japanese city with the highest concentration of taxis. Especially in the city center, taxis are found everywhere. Taxis can not only be a more comfortable, but also an economical alternative to buses on short to medium distances for groups of three or more people.
Most taxis accommodate up to four passengers (not including the driver), while larger vehicles are able to accommodate an additional fifth passenger. The rate starts around 650 yen for the first two kilometers and increases by 80 yen for every additional 300-400 meters traveled.


Fares vary depending on the distance you travel: however, some buses have set price. Enter through the back door, take a umber from the machine near the entrance and exit from the front when you get off.