Public restrooms aren't necessarily plentiful. You can find it in the shopping centers or malls usually have a public restroom, as do some popular outdoor areas. Parks tend to have the public restroom pods. In this case, you just step up and look to see whether it's occupied (red or green dot by the door). Put in your change, and wait for the door to automatically open. Step in, and the door automatically closes. If you are there 15 minutes or more, the door WILL open. These seem dirty, but they actually are disenfected after each use. Many restrooms ask you to pay, sometimes manned by an attendant and sometimes accepting change to enter. The outdoor restroom pods require exact change, so it's always better have 5- and 10-centime pieces.


French water is universally accepted as good for consumption to both human and animals. The water and sanitation services in France are among the world best. This is because the French use the state of the art technology in their water treatment and supply. So you can drink water without problem.