Cool-Cottage OtaruOTAMOI
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Completely rented private house!

Private house for rent.
Recommended for families and groups.
It is a two-story house. There are many bedrooms.
There is bathroom, toilet.
Amenity are also available, so you can have a long stay.
The kitchen is also spacious and can be cooked.

A villa on the mountain near Otaru city, Hokkaido.
The view from the hill is wonderful!

A room with a quiet view of life.
It is not a hotel. Please experience the life of Otaru.

After enjoying sightseeing in Otaru, you can stay quietly while enjoying nature and views in the suburbs summer resort.

Please come after shopping at a nearby supermarket.
The facility is located at the height of Otaru, so you can see a very nice mountain view.

15 minutes by car from Otaru Station and Otaru Canal

Cool Cottage Otaru Otamoi is located in a mountain area villa.
It is a 15-minute drive from Otaru Station.
We recommend using your own car or car rental.
You can park your car.

〒 048-2671
2-1-26 Otamoi Otaru City, Hokkaido

Vacation rentals where you can stay with pets

Cool-Cottage OtaruOTAMOI is a condominium resort that allows you to stay with pets.
It is a highland villa site near Otaru, so you can enjoy it with your precious pets. The room is set for pets. Please relax enough. It is a mountain with lots of nature. Refresh your pet's feelings!

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Reservation / Notes

Reservation / Notes


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West Area
2-1-26 otamoi otaru hokkaido
marker Access
15 minutes by car from Otaru Station and Otaru Canal. Please come by car rental.