Cold area stove "Petika"

"Petika" is that warm exhaust smoke passes in brick
A brick wall is a stove that warms your room.

Ventilation for 24 hours is all right!

There is no problem with ventilation since the chimney is attached.
FF type stove burns in the body and heats a room.

You can spend it with peace of mind.

How to start

1: Turn on the reset lever.

Lower the "Reset lever" on the right side.
The lowered state is ON.
The raised state is OFF.

2:Main switch

Main switch "入(ON)" .

3:Set to「点火」

Set it to the "点火" position.
This is complete.
You can adjust it to your favorite warmth.

How to switch off

1:Return to "消火".

Return to "消火".

2:リセットレバー(Reset lever) OFF

Raise the "リセットレバー(Reset lever)".
※ When OFF, first turn off the "リセットレバー(Reset lever)" and then turn off the main switch (3).

3:Main switch OFF

When the fire goes out, turn off the main switch.

Confirm when not starting!

Check1:Confirming the"耐震自動消火装置"

Is "耐震自動消火装置" turned off?
If it is not ON, the stove will not catch fire to prevent danger.
When the lever is lowered, the “耐震自動消火装置” is turned on.
It is set to ON at the time of check-in, but sometimes it may be OFF. In that case, please set it to ON and try it.

Check2:Check the source valve

Is the kerosene valve connected to the main unit closed?
It is normally open at check-in, but sometimes it is closed. In that case, please try after opening the stopper.