Sennichimae Douguyasuji
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Area:Dotonbori/Namba/Sinsaibashi   Genre: History / Culture

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Doguyasuji is a unique experience anyone can enjoy

A walk through Doguyasuji is a unique experience anyone can enjoy. Restaurants in Japan often dickeys plastic models of menu items outside their shops to attract customers, and Doguyasuji is full of shops that sell these plastic food models. The manufactures of these items has reached what would consider the level of art, as some of the higher-priced models are so realistic it's hard to discern between the plastic model and the real thing. Douguyasuji also seeks told and everything else restaurant owner need to run their businesses. In cutlery shops, there are genuine a, would-fasmous Sakai-made swords on display. Overall, prices in _doguyasuji are quiet reasonable , and some shops sell items in both large and small quantities, so you can buy something to take home as a souvenir, There are few places with so many unique and colorful stores all in one place, and because food culture is an essential part of Osaka. I highly recommend a stroll down Doguyabashi.


Stroll down Doguyabashi

3 min walk from Nankai Namba station on the Nakai line ; 3-5min walk from namba Station on the Midosuji, the Janashin Namaba line, and 5-7min walk from Nippombashi Station on the Sakaisuji na dSennichimae Subway Lines and Kintetsu lines. From Namba Station on the subway or Kintetsu/Hanshin Osaka-Namba Station, exit onto Sennichimaedori Blvd.
Walk east until you reach Big Camera, then turn right and walk strait through the Sennnichimae shopping arcade until you reach Dohuyasuji. From Nankai Namba, exit from the see a shopping arcade entrance, then follow that shopping arcade and turn right in front of the entrance to Doguyasuji.


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3 min walk from Nankai Namba station on the Nakai lines.