Nakanoshima Historical Busilding and Bridge
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the traditional government administrative center of OSaka throughout the city's modern history

Nakanoshima is a long, narrow island located in the middle go two rivers, and it has been the traditional government administrative center of OSaka throughout the city's modern history. The island is home to some beautiful, historical buildings with Meiji and Taisho period architecture, as well a s numerous bridges are with historical significance. Two of the most famous buildings are the Kokaido (officially known as the OSaka Central Public Hall) and the Bank of Japan whose photographic Osaka branch acts as the visual symbol of the Bank nationwide. You can also see Nakanoshima from the Aqua Bus sightseeing ferries, which offer views of the island's many bridges from atop the water and whisk you off to see other parts of the city.



The shores surrounding Nakanoshimawere lined with warehouses and trading ports during the Edo Period and the north shore's Dojima district was home to the first futures exchange in the word. The <useum of Oriental Ceramics, National Museum of Art, and Osaka Science Museum are located on the island, as is the city's biggest international convention center. Thanks to efforts made by Osaka increase tourist app earl, particularly in this area of town, and also thanks to the train line running underneath the island, Nakanoshima is on the path to becoming one of Osaka City's leading cultural hot spots. Be sure to take a look at the Keitahama and Todoyabashi districts and Nakanoshima Park while you in the area.


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1-1-27 Nakanoshima, kita-ku, Osaka
marker Access
Naniwabashi, Oebashi, Watanabebashi and Nakanoshima Stations (Keihan and Nakanoshima lines)