The National Bunraku Theatre
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Area:Dotonbori/Namba/Sinsaibashi   Genre: History / Culture

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  Category: Traditional entertainment

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  • History / Culture

a traditional are form developed in Osaka

The Nationla Bunraku Theatre was pen in 1984 to preserve and develop ninhyo jururi bunraku, or puppet theatre, as well as other arts of the Keihan region. Bunraku is a traditional are form developed in OSaka in the late seventeenth century, and also one of Japan's most characteristic and fascination forms drama; today ti is designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Japanese government, and also recognized as such by UNESCO. In general, three puppeteers operate each puppet actor, executing precise movements of the hands, head torso, and even mouth and eyebrows. Meanwhile, one or more chanters recite the ones while shamisen players provide musical accompaniment.
The National Bunraku Theatre's main hall is used mainly for bunraku performances and other state drama, whereas the smaller one is used for manzai, rakugo, and the like. Bunraku plays general run for two to three weeks, and there are five or so per year. These facilities are also used for other movements and projects aimed at preserving and promoting traditional Japanese arts.
A visit to Osaka provides an unparalleled opportunity to see bunraku, pone of the world's most amazing art forms.


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1-12-10 Nippombashi, Cuo-ku, Osaka
marker Access
Just a few steps from exit 7 of Nippombashi Station : Sennichimae and Sakaisuji lines, Kintetsu lines