Den Den Town
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home for the Japanese otaku, a term that can be roughly translated as "geek"

Den Den Town is home for the Japanese otaku, a term that can be roughly translated as "geek" but actually has a broader meaning encompassing those obsessed with anything that can be obsesses about. The stores of Den Den Town are many and varied: there are specially stores for anything you can imagine, even robots parts and flashing decorative lights, ranging in size from huge chain stores run by retailers such as Joshin and Sofmap to small shops with rare items you won't find anywhere else.
The main draw for tourists from abroad is the electronics stores, where the latest technology and gadgets can be seen before they go out from Japan to the rest of the world. Den Den Town is often compared to Tokyo's akihabara, although many Japanese hold the opinion that Den Den Town has greater selection, better deals, and more personality. Besides electronics, the area is also a hub for lovers of manga and anime, and even for those who prefer stranger forms of entertainment such as "maid cafes"
Wheatever your interests may be Den Den Town has something to offer and should no be missed. There is a wide selection of duty-free shops for those who want to tae something home.



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Chuo-ku, Osaka
marker Access
Den Den Town extends along Sakaisuji Blvd. from north to south. Nipponbashi Station : Sakaisuji and Sennnichimae Subway lines, and Kintetsu lines puts you about 5 min.