6-Day Sunrise Combination Tour from Kyoto: Kyoto, Mt. Fuji & Tokyo (Round Trip)
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Area:Shimogyo Ward   Tour type: Tour with more than a day

  Tour Genre: Sightseeing in city

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  • Sightseeing in city

Leave Kyoto for the Kanto region and see iconic Mt. Fuji, hot spring paradise Hakone, and megapolis Tokyo on this short but fulfilling trip.

◇Nijo-jo Castle (50 min)
Tour the historical castle completed in 1626, which was built to provide lodging for Tokugawa Shogun and as a palladium for Kyoto Imperial Palace.
Remarks: Nijo Castle is closed every Tuesday in January, July, August, and December (Wednesday if Tuesday is a public holiday) and at the end of the year. On these days, Ryoanji will be visited instead.

◇Kyoto Imperial Palace (40 min)
Gain exclusive access to the former residence of the Emperor of Japan, which oversaw many important functions until the capital moved to Tokyo in 1869.
Remarks: Kyoto Imperial Palace is closed to the public on the following days: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, before and after public viewing in autumn/spring, before and after the Aoi Festival (5/14-5/17), on Imperial Household event days, and at the end of the year. During these times, Kitano Tenmangu will be visited instead. On 5/25 and 8/25, instead of Kitano Tenmangu, the tour will visit Nishi Honganji Temple. Visitors to the Kyoto Imperial Palace must fill out forms to indicate full name, sex, age, and nationality.

◇Sumida River Cruise (40 min)
From Hinode Pier to Azuma Bridge. Cruise through a mix of old Edo and modern Tokyo
Remarks: During cherry blossom season (approx. 3/20 - 4/14), the Sumida River Cruise will be substituted with a visit to the Sumida Park. Also, depending on waterway conditions, it may not always be possible to board the boat. In such cases, the guide will inform you of a change to the itinerary.

◇Imperial Palace Plaza (10 min)
Make a short stop at the official residence of the Emperor of Japan, who is regarded as the highest authority in the Shinto religion as Japanese mythology states he is a direct descendant of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun.

PRICE : from JPY 121,800 to JPY 159,500 per person

Basic Information

Departs :Kyoto
Visits :Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Tokyo
Duration :approx. 6 days.
Req. per Booking :1 - 20 guests
Req. to Run Tour :1 guest(s)
Included :English guide, accommodations, admission fees, and transportation included in the tour


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Shimogyo Ward
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