Nishi Hongan-ji temple
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Area:Shimogyo Ward   Sightseeing Genre: Japanese culture and history   World Cultural Heritage

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  • Japanese culture and history   World Cultural Heritage

Nishi-Hongan-ji is the head temple of Jodo Shin-shu Hongan-ji-ha sect that has about ten million believers and is the biggest Buddhist religious corporation in Japan.

Though the big temple is one of 17 World Cultural Heritage sites of Kyoto, tourists should not expect much from this temple. They have several national treasure structures and a couple of good gardens but all of them are closed to the public except one, Kara-mon gate.

History of Nishi Hongan-ji

The temple was originally built in Higashiyama in 1272. In 1591, it was moved to the current site that was donated by the then virtual ruler of Japan, TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536 or 1537-1598).

How to get to Nishi Hongan-ji

*15minutes from Kyoto station to Nishi Hongan-ji Mae bus stop by Kyoto City Bus No. 9, 28 or 75, or

*40minutes on foot from Kyoto Station.

Hours and Admission

March, April, September and October: 5:30-17:30
May - August: 5:30-18:00
November - February: 6:00-17:00

Admission is free.


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Shimogyo Ward
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