I pittori veneziani
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Let's follow the landscape of beautiful canvas Titian, Tintoretto and Bellini, from the magnificent fresco!

Many artists, including Titian, Tintoretto, Bellini and has colored the palace and cathedral Speaking of the masters of the Venetian school. Magnificent frescoes and paintings are just what you want to highlight. And to appreciate the attention to the different styles of each artist also fun. You will see the changes in the art that try to follow the former.

Giovanni Bellini 1430-1516

I learn and drawing in the studio of his father. It has to a brother-in-law Mantegna, to focus on the arrangement of the subject matter and natural image while under the influence.

represent :

"Resurrection of Christ" (Trasfigurazione di Cristo) 1460 年
Correr Civic Museum Museum

Vittore Carpaccio 1455(56?)-1526

career as a disciple of Bellini. I draw the epic was the subject of legend and fantasy in bright pastel. "Life of St. Orusora" was drawn famous Tavu~ora nine large early.

represent :

"Lady of two of Venice" (Due Dame Veneziane) 1490 年
Correr Civic Museum

Giorgione 1477-1510

The draw in the structure under the influence of Bellini, and clean colorful. Painting, which is reflected on the landscape and dreams and feelings of a person with an appropriate shade is splendid.

represent :

"Storm" (La Tempesta) 1506 年
Accademia Gallery

Tiziano Vecellio 1488-1576

Master painter of the early Renaissance. I left many masterpieces such as canvas paintings which expressed wonderfully supple line of female figures colors and soft Basilica other.

represent :

"The Assumption of the Virgin" (Vergine Assunta) 1516 年
Santa Maria Gurorioza dei Frari Church

Jacopo Robusti 1518-1594

Compared to Veronese and Titian, to draw in touch energetic strict low light. Epic that left his brought the field method of new style in Venice, including drawn on, such as "Yi evaluate large room" of the Doge's Palace "heaven" the (Paradiso).

represent :

"Annunciation" (Annunciazione) 1583 年
San Rocco large congregation hall

Giambattista Tiepolo 1696-1770

Elegant work was painted in bright colors are much remains to and palaces such as the Cathedral. Fresco of unique brushwork of his seems to be drawn into the world at all.

represent :

"Triumph of Flora and Zefiro" (Trionfo di Zefiro e Flora) 1735 年
Ka Rettsu~oniko (Venice 1700's museum)

Giovanni Antonio Canal 1697-1768

Landscape painter of Venice. I have painted a soft touch sight of a beautiful and peaceful town and canals. I suggests a history of Venice through his paintings.

represent :

"Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge" (Il canal Grande verso Rialto) 1723 年
Ka Rettsu~oniko (Venice 1700's museum)


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