Let's ride a gondola
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know deeply symbol of Venice, a gondola!

The gondola's to meet when it came to Venice. Black boat in the shape of an elongated canoe coming and going the canal is one of the tourist attractions now. Gondola is used as a means of transportation millionaire, a small hut with a window was attached as Shinogeru cold at night and once in winter. The player is in a elegant atmosphere elegant chair has been placed not in use because of the disturbance of the landscape now. Gondorieri go the canal on a daily basis is very cheerful, or sang a song or telling the history of Venice tourist. Let's come and ride the gondola attract anyone that is indispensable to Venice trip. However, negotiation of price specifications firmly before boarding. Distinguish also tips so depending on the person.

Structure of the gondola

11m in length, the left side is made from a wide range of 24cm right above 600kg in weight, it takes a year to produce. I have made ​​from the parts of the 280 types of wood eight different.

1、captain "fèro"

Bow of metal in the shape of "S" is also a defense of the collision, the form (Santa Croce, San Polo, Cannaregio, Castello area of six Venice six teeth on the front side, the flow of the Grand Canal, arch Giudecca Island, the top represents the Rialto Bridge tooth San Marco, Dorsoduro), on the rear side.

inside of the ship

Furnished Vu-araeti make elegant none.


Beautiful decoration which gave gold mesmerizing further gondola.

Fee and stand

Another sign is out and "Servizio Gondole" a landmark of the hall, Gondorieri is a barker at Carre. Santa Lucia Station (San Shimeone), Rialto Bridge (Riva carboxylic), St Mark's Square and (Molo) as the main stand. Course the most common course of about 40 minutes through the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square.

Fee (approximate): 40 minutes € 80
60 min € 120

* Points such as when you refer to the above-mentioned charge, was or asked to raise, is to try to Gondoriere other.


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