Cucina Veneziana
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Area:St. Mark's Square neighborhood   Genre: Gourmet


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Seafood full-bodied to be addicted. Seafood menu of fresh sea of the Adriatic Sea is excellent! I want to try the cuisine of unique taste only in Venice that was different in Japan.

Seafood menu of fresh sea of the Adriatic Sea is excellent. Jostling squid ink spaghetti, including the frit of seafood, such as risotto. I want to try the cuisine of unique taste only in Venice that was different in Japan. Also very easy to eat without the smell of the lever, one article that I can dish easily at home Fegato alla Veneziano na (Fegato alla Veneziana) even in low-meat dishes. Dolce also familiar, tiramisu is also a birthplace is here in Japan. Do not forget all means sweets Marsala and mascarpone cheese home!

Spaghetti al nero di seppia

Harmony of squid ink and olive oil is distinguished. I can eat deliciously Supagetto to last. Faint bitterness is also delicious. Let's go out for sightseeing after you clean the mouth after a meal.

Fritto misto

We can taste even in Italy but feel deliciously psychologically stuff home after all. Mix of fried zucchini was cut thin and small shrimp and squid, with tentacles mainly's common. Soft and ingredient clothing that is fried crisp and fragrant is the best! Buona petito over the salt!

Baccalà alla vicenziana

Tara called Bakkara is sold in supermarkets in salted, and specialties to have you with solid polenta made ​​of the corn flour, salt cod you have to paste in Venice.

Spaghetti alla vongole

The clam spaghetti familiar in Japan. Fresh Veller chair Sari and rich olive oil to have you in the home is exceptional.

Risotto alla marinara

Staple dish full-bodied stewed fresh seafood of the Adriatic Sea, which is based on tomato sauce. Risotto sunk tasteful large shrimp topped the best!

Antipasto di pesce

Appetizer was served in Vu~araeti and crustaceans such as shrimp. Cooking method varies by store, but with the amount of seasoning rather light is just right for Primo Piatto before.

Fegato alla veneziana

What is fried together a soft calf lever and onions. It is easy to eat even a weak person lever of calf there is no smell in comparison with pig lever. To become a perfect taste and sweetness of the onion is thickened to match further. Please along with the bread!


So-called sandwich. It is easy to eat a lot of ingredients that are packed in a sandwich that edge has been sealed is not spilled. Not a triangular Franco Borro that (stamp), sandwich square containing shrimp and crab also Try that.


The Taste in the home of tiramisu familiar in Japan. Sicilian liqueur and rich mascarpone cheese, combination of Marsala wine to make delicious Dolce. Gem not to be missed.


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