Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute
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  • World Heritage   Churche/Temple   Popular Sights

It was built as a sign of appreciation of plague disappearance

Magnificent cupola that was built between 1631-1687 years Cathedral of symbol. It was built as a thanks to Our Lady when the Byoma that issued the victim of the 40,000 who were affected by the plague once has left. Structure is a tree of 100,000, a huge dome is supported by large eight pillars. Chapel has six are located in the surrounding are elegantly decorated pillars and beautiful floor of Renaissance Do-nai. Apse and main altar designed by Longhena, a sculptor in Belgium of attention, beautiful sculptures of Joost Le Cool. Sculpture surrounding the painting of the "Virgin and Child" in the middle but expressed the scene to protect Venice from the plague. Must-see "Wedding at Cana" epic of Tintoretto and ceiling paintings, a series of including or "St. Mark sitting on the throne" early works of Titian the "Kane and Abel" in the sacristy. Event familiar citizens to pray over the church and over the wooden bridge from St. Mark's will be held in the "Our Lady of the Cathedral Festival" of November 21 every year.


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Fondamenta Salute 1 (Dorsoduro)
041 2411018
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2 th. 1-minute walk from Salute.