Piazza San Marco
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  • World Heritage   Churche/Temple   Popular Sights

A symbol of power and prosperous Mediterranean trade as countries

Cathedral of St. Mark was built in 828-year sleep. Remains of St. Mark, which has been buried in Alexandria once was taken to Venice deprived taken by merchant of Venice two. That it was enshrined as a church bury the remains by order of the Doge then begins. That it owns the remains of the saint, was also a symbol of the wealthy in the Middle Ages. Church is made up of dome of five, the arch lower five double gothic front, scene of a series dedicated to the remains of St. Mark is depicted in mosaic, the mosaic of the left door top it remains as the original of the 12th century only. Replica statue of the horse of 4 body placed on the balcony of the widow's walk of the center, which was taken to Venice by the Fourth Crusade from the racecourse of Constantinople. In its lower and St. Mark's image there is a "lion of the wings have" symbol of the city, which stands for "courage, strength" in the Cathedral top center further. Church interior is covered with mosaics of kana or golden glitter beauty in Byzantine style. Must see beautiful mosaic "Para Dooro" the story of old and new Bible in the center altar behind the remains of St. Mark is stored is drawn.

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St. Mark's Basilica that long line is expected. If participating in the tour, it is possible entrance from private entrance along with the guide.
Please enjoy you can see also Glass Studio and Doge's Palace, the half-day tour of enhancement.

City of water, Venice. Factories Saint Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, the Venetian glass.
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St. Mark's Square neighborhood
Piazza San Marco
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marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2 th. 3-minute walk from San Marco Vallaresso.