Isola di Burano
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  • World Heritage   Stroll around   Landscape

Island famous cityscape colorful pop

Burano archipelago that consists islets four. It is part of the Venice commune, located in the lagoon of Venice. Houses a unique painted in colorful and production of lace features. It marked the beginning is this city vibrant colors, but the colored is where fishermen went on a fishing among the fog is as possible to determine whether your own home originally.
Race that was also praised that da Vinci is famous for its specialty products in this island! It is said that this is the underlying is production and repair technology of the network to be used in fishing. It is recommended to have a fun tourist attractions like the bell tower race Museum (Museo del Merletto), inclined to the island.

Museo di Merletto

A small museum material of the race are on display. And as it draws upon the building of race school was built in the 19th century, 100 points, such as those other Venetian lace of 16-20 century, was produced works from 1995 the museum in Venice 1700s, the old race school valuable work of more than a line.

Bell tower

What the best part in this island It is a bell tower to show the abnormal slope! We also present a number of leaning tower, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, but Kijima Shunsuke art critic about the inclination to evaluate to as "Italy first" to refer to this tower, among others. Approximately 30 m height, building 15 century. You can also check from the vaporetto toward the island Kane-to a symbol of Bruno.

General Information

Facility Name Burano
Address Burano, Italy
Free admission
Approximately 40 minutes vaporetto (water bus) with access from 12th Venice main island
Official site = / Jp / Europe / Italy / Venice / Burano


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Burano, Italy
marker Access
Approximately 40 minutes vaporetto (water bus) in the 12th from Venice main island