Campanile di San Marco
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It had a role as a warning of the tower of the city once

Square bell tower 99m height under construction in the 12th century, the bell tower was completed and tip subjected to copper in the 15th century is mounted. Angel image Arcangelo Gabriele is placed on the table of the rotary type in the top, and are rotated by the wind direction. There was a bell of the original five buildings initially only large bell remains the most by the collapse of the tower in 1902, and has been used bells are four Saizo now on behalf of. I can enjoy the panorama of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the whole city from the widow's walk from the bell tower. There is a small Loggia was decorated and marble Buronzo image, which is produced by Jacopo Sansovu~ino in the early 15th century at the bottom of the bell tower.


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St. Mark's Square neighborhood
Piazza San Marco
041 5224064
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2 th. 3-minute walk from San Marco Vallaresso.