Piazza San Marco
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Area:St. Mark's Square neighborhood   Genre: Garden/Squares   World Heritage   Stroll around   Landscape

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  • Garden/Squares   World Heritage   Stroll around   Landscape

Most beautiful square in the world was acclaimed Napoleon

The main square of the city is always crowded with tourists from around the world. Sights and the figure of San Giorgio Maggiore church and gondola floating on the Adriatic Sea to open the front create, beauty of the square was the highest administrative body and residence of the (governor) Doge of the Republic era and St. Mark's Basilica of beautiful Byzantine tower in the square and monuments will be the charm of this splendid square, such as the bell tower towering center Doge's Palace, the square was. Building of the U-shaped opposite of St. Mark's Basilica is used as the office of the chief executive office once, and played an important role in the next Governor-General. And cafes in the historic are arranged on the first floor 2 and 3 floor has become a museum now.

The pick-up in the Japanese Assistant with private boat, the hotel between St. Mark's Square from near Venice Airport.
They can be moved along with the unique flavor of Venice. Be assured that you let us know emergency contact of Japanese correspond to the reservation upon completion!

And private airport transfer service by private car, peace of mind enhancement plan that Japanese guided city sightseeing tour with.
circulates the major popular attractions, I can not exclude tour of Italy.

St. Mark's Basilica that long line is expected. If participating in the tour, it is possible entrance from private entrance along with the guide.
Please enjoy you can see also Glass Studio and Doge's Palace, the half-day tour of enhancement.

City of water, Venice. Factories Saint Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, the Venetian glass.
Japanese guide will guide you look at the charm of "walking only".


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St. Mark's Square neighborhood
Piazza San Marco
marker Access
3 minutes from San Marco Vallaresso vaporetto N, No. 1 and 2.