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Specializes in Venetian glass dealing with leading manufacturers

First-class brand shop of Venetian glass handle home, including glassware that Transparent, tableware, and personal collection. Has a number of products that brand, Vu~enini, Salviati, Seguzo, and Pino Shinyoretto glass in accordance with the various applications is very beautiful champagne, water, wine, and liqueur, with those produced by the studio craftsman who was an expert of all I have side by side in the store. The fun just to see, such as aquarium fish chandeliers and modern and classic swim. Jewelry such as the souvenir by all means. Glass products on the theme of the sea "yacht collection" of the new collection. It is preferable to use the online purchase for those who can not afford to take home.

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La Fenice theater around
Calle Larga XXII Marzo2088
041 5231191
041 5285745
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2 th. 3-minute walk from San Marco Vallaresso.