Mario e Paola Bevilacqua
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Area:St. Mark's Square neighborhood   Average age: Seekers   Women   Couple   Family

  Genre: Ornaments   Linen


  • Ornaments   Linen

Beautiful fabric shop St. Mark's Basilica back

Selling traditional textile cushion cover of Venice using the weaving machine of the 17th century, Kakemono, and a curtain. Design that has been subjected to such elegant embroidery elegant luxurious take the take. There is also a cloth Vu~eruto, Damascus, silk, fabrics can make the original fabric of choice from sample design and 10 types of Art Deco from the Byzantine style. Clerk also us to advice Furukea. There is a branch in (041 2410662) Correr Civic Museum next hand Campo Santa Maria del Giglio 2520 across the St. Mark's Square.


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St. Mark's Square neighborhood
Piazza San Marco 330/b
041 5287581
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2,41,52 number. 3-minute walk from St. Zakkaria.