Il Prato
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Area:La Fenice theater around   Average age: Women   Couple   Family

  Genre: Ornaments   Souvenir


  • Ornaments   Souvenir

Ornaments with an emphasis on traditional style of Venice

Selling handmade craft that was the original motto, special and high quality. Including Venetian glass, I deal with paper products such as leather, a beautiful motif. Clarity is what you want to buy a set of glass all means pride. Tray or box, coaster, and dishes that have been produced in leather supple quality is also good to souvenir. Simple style and elaborate sewing, to accentuate the modern Teburue~ea there is no free and easy to use. Paper of the color pattern of the palace of Venice animals and is most suitable for the document file and book covers. It is possible to manufacture the goods original can also be purchased paper only. Also, pay attention to the furniture miniatures stunning finish of the collector must-see. Including bookshelf, desk, or cabinet, and fun just to look and this lamp, personal goods to be made exactly like the real thing.


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La Fenice theater around
San Marco 2456
041 5231148
marker Access
No. 1,3 vaporetto. A 5-minute walk from Santa Maria del Giglio.