Gran Caffè Lavena
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Area:St. Mark's Square neighborhood   Genre: Cafe/bar

  Character: Paranomic   Night view   Intermediate Restaurant


  • Cafe/bar

  • 10 EUR ~

Traditional cafeteria was a regular also Wagner

Cafe opened in 1750 it has been registered as a member of the historical location in Italy. The store elegant with furniture and ornaments of the time, I suggests table of green marble and a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and from the chair of Vu~eruto. Such as tables and chairs with his still remains in the space of the second floor that Wagner has passed through the father-in-law Franz Liszt and family once. Needless to say sweets and gelato, rich before liquor, cocktail expert Berman Berman Italian Sommelier Association (A · I · B · E · S) make the gem. Let Yoishireyo panorama of the square while watching a live orchestra seats on the terrace in good weather.


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St. Mark's Square neighborhood
Piazza San Marco 133
041 5224070
marker Access
Third vaporetto B, O, R. 3-minute walk from San Marco Giardini di kneaded security.