Osteria San Marco
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Area:La Fenice theater around   Genre: Italian cuisine   Venice cuisine   Enoteca   Osteria/Trattoria

  Character: Intermediate Restaurant


  • Italian cuisine   Venice cuisine   Enoteca   Osteria/Trattoria

  • 40 EUR ~

Cuisine made with materials that have been carefully selected

Small restaurant witty located behind St. Mark's Square. Shop entertain the kind waiter calm atmosphere relaxed and elegant. Local food, including meat, fish, enjoy with VOLUME was in handling Japanese also ve di Portable menu. Tradition and new menu unfolds based on the material of clear distinction Tadayowasu the scent of the season always proving its freshness. I want to taste slowly mainstream wine at home and abroad more than 300 species of fish and shellfish menu and the popular deep-fried food.


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La Fenice theater around
Calle Frezzeria
041 5285242
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2 th. 3-minute walk from St. Mark's Valle Lasso.