Cantina Do Mori
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Area:Rialto Bridge around   Genre: Venice cuisine   Baccaro

  Character: Casual restaurant


  • Venice cuisine   Baccaro

The tradition Bacary familiar to local Rialto Bridge near

Bacary well-established in the wine cellar of the 14th century to eat standing and leaning on a long counter with large wooden. Dim atmosphere of the store to talk cheerfully to hand a glass of wine people bring on the history indeed. Common to get together and Chiketti (sandwich) (snacks), and two square Parsippany Toramettsu~ini which stuffed with shrimp and crab called "(stamp) Franco Borro" thing with 150 brand wine. Basic snack rich Vu~araeti at reasonable prices to eat in (€ 1 ~) toothpick. Fried octopus, grilled squid, such as meat dumpling. No table seating.


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Rialto Bridge around
Sestiere San Polo 429
041 5225401
marker Access
Vaporetto N, 1,2,3 th. 1-minute walk from Santoma.