Course over the Shanghai classic spot in one day
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The courses Ru Zhou reasonably in one day classic spot of Shanghai

You want to hold in Shanghai tourist. It is the introduction of the course over the classic spot. The beginning of the downtown area of Shanghai one the "Nanjing East Road", western architecture of the concession era beautiful garden of the Ming Dynasty, "Yu Garden", a large shopping mall near Yu Yuan Garden "Yuyuan Mart", on the opposite shore is beautiful "Bund" .... Let circulates reasonably spots can not be removed. You can browse the extensive collection free of charge in addition to the above-mentioned is possible to go to reasonable and easy on the subway and walk as "Shanghai Museum", they received a small basket parcel delicious!

※ There are a lot of people to do the fraudulent and pickpockets in crowded spots. With caution to people who come to talk earnestly, please do not follow them.

09:00~ [A: Shanghai Museum]

Museum proud of 39600m ² floor area. You can see for free what the rich collection! (Except ※ Exhibition) in the main Bronze, various items of the Qing Dynasty before in full force. Such as calligraphy, porcelain pottery, furniture, imperial seal, is on display to the other.

■ How to enter: admission after receiving a security check at the entrance.
■ use voice guide fee: 40 yuan (Japanese, English, French, Chinese)
※ You need to leave your passport or guarantee charge 400 yuan to rent

■ required scheduled time: 1 hour 30 minutes
■ 18-minute walk to move Directions ... [(Xintiandi Branch) Din Tai Fung] to the next destination

General Information

Facility Name Shanghai Museum
Address China Shanghai People's Avenue, No. 201
phone number +86 21 6372 3500
admission. free
Voice guide usage fee 40 yuan
hours (Until 16:00 Admission) 09:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday Everyday open
Official site

10:50 - [B: Din Tai Fung (Xintiandi Branch)]

A new tourist spot in Shanghai, Xintiandi. There is a rich Din Tai Fung of Taiwan-based small steamed bun in this place. Din Tai Fung have a reputation taste, the service is very popular restaurant. Congestion, such as lunch time because it is inevitable. let's take a look at for lunch early does not go with the Shanghai price, but it is worth at least one just it. There is a small steamed bun, dim sum, fried rice and appetizers, soup and various types of menu.

■ required scheduled time: 1 hour
■Directions to the destination : 5-minute walk to the station "new world, 8-minute walk from the station by moving to the Yuyuan Garden by train line 10 subway

General Information

Facility Din Tai Fung (Shanghai Xintiandi Branch)
Address Xintiandi, Lane 123 Nanri No. 6 Building Tower 2 200021, Shanghai, China path
phone number +86 21 6385 8378
Price Aim 60CNY-90CNY
Hours - 10:00-25:00 ※ Last order 10:00-24:00 30 minutes before closing
Regular holiday Everyday open
Official site

12:25 - [C: Yuyuan Garden]

"Fun park" is not over. Yu Yuan! was built in the Ming Dynasty impressive enough diminutive. And roof shaped like warp, making the garden is wonderful is that you want to see even over half a day. Please enjoy the Yuyuan Garden, which is authorized to state-level cultural heritage of China in 1982

■ required scheduled time: 00 minutes 2 hours
■ Directions to the next destination : right outside the garden

General Information

Facility Name Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden
Address 200010 China Shanghai Jin depreciation Street No. 137
phone number +86 21 6326 0830
hours (Until 17:00 the box office) 08:30 to 17:30
Regular holiday Everyday open
Official site

(As of June 2014) admission

<30 days April 1 to June, 1st to November 30th September> 40 yuan adult
<31 January to August July, December 1 to March 31> 30 yuan adult
Children (Height 1.3m less than 6 years of age, accompanied by an adult required) Free

14:25 - [D: Yuyuan Mart]

When you go to Yu Yuan, It is a shopping district that passes through without fail. Souvenir, tea, herbal medicine, jade, a candy store ... variety is lined lot. Do not get lost on the temple. The one that has been restored in the image of China in the past, the building looks a bold red like China. It is such across the board, but it is a surprise because the shops are familiar in Japan, such as Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs If you look closely! Because there is many shops, the spot which is recommended by all means to buy a souvenir. The challenge to price negotiation, please enjoy with all one's might!

■ required scheduled time: 1 hour 30 minutes
■Directions ... 9-minute walk move, ride (4 minutes), just off the station to "Nanjing East Road " Route 10 underground connections to the destination until the next "Yu Garden "

General Information

Facility Name Yuyuan Mart
Address 200010, Shanghai, China How Hamanaka path No. 269
+86 21 6355 9999 phone number
08:30 to 21:00 / roughly differ depending on the store opening hours
Everyday open nearly regular holiday
Official site

16:10 - [E: Nanjing East Road]

Nanjing Road of total length approximately 6km. Welcome to the east, to East Nanjing Road! Visited by one million of people what a day, length is also of the world's longest level. Medium to Xizang path from Henan middle path of the Nanjing East Road is enough to enjoy because the store has been paid The variety it is all day pedestrian, was including the souvenir shop! Let's rest in a shop near you if you tired of walking

■ required scheduled time: 2 hours and 40 minutes
■ to the next destination ... 8-minute walk to get from "Nanjing East Road"

Electric cart (Pleasure car)

From end to end of the pedestrian, you can enjoy the atmosphere aboard the electric cart. It is (as of June 2014) 5 yuan one way. Invite you to move when it was a little tired?

General Information

Facility Name Nanjing Road
Address 200042, Shanghai, China District path No. 780
phone number+86 21 6352 6638

19:00 [F: Bund]

Because looking at the beautiful western architecture group in romantic. It is a popular spot, there is pedestrian traffic at night, You can spend in peace relatively last. Construction group on the opposite shore is as like floating in the sea though.

General Information

Facility Name outside Nada
Address5 Lane China Shanghai Zhongshan East straight


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The Bund
marker Access
Starting point is the Shanghai Museum.