Shanghai cuisine
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Let eat Shanghai! ♪ Introduction of traditional dishes

Do you think of what meals to take on the trip? Because it is a long-awaited trip, you want to receive the "Gourmet for a unique". Covering traditional cuisine of Shanghai in this page. Because it has introduced a lot. Please refer to the restaurant chosen by all means

Photo: by Kentaro IEMOTO @ Tokyo

What is Shanghai cuisine?

Shanghai cuisine (Chinese / Shanghai greens, Shanghai English ) and and regional cuisine is eaten in Shanghai. It is also known as in the sense that dish you've descended from local. Jiangsu cuisine is one of the eight large Chinese cuisine is a prototype, Shanghai crab, small basket parcel, buns roasting raw especially famous. Cuisine is characterized teamed up to that of the bland seasoning which is made use of the subject matter, the flow of Jiangsu cuisine, is a sweet and rich flavor intensive and brewing products sake, sake lees, soy sauce, and black vinegar, sugar, and maltose.

Hachitakarakamo / Papoya

Those steamed stuffed chicken was diced into the belly of the duck, pork, China ham, bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms. It is the arrangement of cooking chicken Happou of Suzhou cuisine.

Photo: By Alpha

Kasuniwatori / Cao Gee

Steamed chicken you have to Kasuzuke. It is sure that liquor proceed with exquisite taste.

Photo: by Gary Soup


Steamed (ground chicken brand of Shanghai Pudong district) Sankiniwatori.

Photo: By gigijin

Hong Xiao Jin Myen

Boiled sweet and spicy fried bran Wuxi specialty. In one of the cooking method typical of Shanghai cuisine and red ware, that simmer in soy sauce.

Photo: by ahirutf

Cao Fu

Boiled sweet and spicy shiitake and bran fried, such as bamboo shoots. Looks like a sponge ♪ juice of the dish is delicious easy penetration

Photo: By Jill Shih

Bar Bao Ra-Jiang

Chopped short chicken, tofu press, and ginkgo, those fried in miso and pepper.

Photo: by cherrylet

Shan Hai Xie

Steamed Chu Mokuzugani prison. It is said that the season of the autumn, a female crab equipped with a well-balanced eggs and crab miso October, male crab the male crab has had a lot of milt is delicious in November. Small, it is hard to eat the meat of the leg, the amount is small in comparison with the sea crab, crab taste of miso and Uchiko in the shell is thick chillin and, very delicious! The nutritional value and is rich in protein, vitamin B12.

Photo: by Kentaro IEMOTO @ Tokyo

Sui Xie

In one of Shanghai cuisine, are given for the (Shaoxing wine) Roshu live a very Mokuzugani Chu. It is also referred to as a drunken crab. Taste of liquor soaked in only raw, dark sweet features.

Photo: by typester

Chez Fen Dou Fu

Thing fried eggs and Uchiko Chu Mokuzugani prison, was entwined with tofu.

Photo: by nimame @ N00 /

Shi~i~an Gun Ma orchid

Stir chopped tofu and press (Koyomena) UmaRan.

Photo: by Augapfel

Shi~on-Byi~en-Tsu~a~o tow, Ji~u-Shi~i~an-Tsu~a~o tow

Boiled white sake flavor white clover or lucerne of (clover).

Photo: by w00kie

Shan Hai Chao Myi~en

That of Shanghai fried noodles. Those fried in soy sauce China intertwine the (old extract) to noodles boiled.

Photo: by Rubyran


Shanghai-air fried noodles. Noodle dishes and baked crisp enough to scorch can be on both sides, put the bean paste meat, vegetables, and seafood kind.

Photo: by afoncubierta

Chao Gao Nyi~en

Stir-fried rice cake was sliced​​.

Photo: by avlxyz

Shi~a~o Ron Bao

A kind you know, dim sum Chinese food. The size is about the diameter about 3cm in small size rather than the (meat Kaneko) meat bun general. It is a characteristic (soup) is's on gravy juicy inside. Because it does not taste its features, while careful not to burn the freshly steamed, squeeze with chopsticks, you taste so as not to spill the soup in astragalus by way of cold. To make 14 or more folding fold of thin skin, wrap the ingredients normally. The input ground meat of pigs and mushrooms mixed with small amounts of vegetables, such as shark's fin and shrimp and Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and water chestnut in the ingredients. Part of the skin and subcutaneous fat also mix the pork, gelatin content will be included. In addition, there are or crab meat small basket you put only the Shanghai crab has become a specialty in Shanghai, also crab yellow small basket you turn on the Uchiko female, are prized especially as luxury goods. Using only or (black vinegar say Kosu Zhenjiang, in the so-called Japan) vinegar, what you mixed with soy sauce to this and mix the ginger that was shredded Who. By using the chili oil as fried dumplings in Japan rare in China. Seasoned already, but some of the unnecessary sauce.

Photo: by kawanet

Shion Jien Man toe

Meat bun you have to teppanyaki. It is said to be baked small basket parcel in Japan, for the cooking of different cooking methods are different, and a small basket parcel Namai is a way of calling unique to Japan originally. Texture was crunchy, savory browning feature. Gravy taste of plenty overflowing with piping hot from the Kaneko, flavor and unique taste and chew as a small basket parcel. By the preference of those who eat, or scattered ginger and eat it with a seasoning black vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, and sauce. In Shanghai, what taste is firmly attached originally many, that it has only black vinegar to the store are also many. As simple as just green onion to ground pork is often contents home in Shanghai, I wrap up in dough fermented to match (a type of yeast) Romen flour and this, baked to raise only bottom with vegetable oil rather much I make.

by kanegen

Bar Bao fan

Suites studded fruit jujube, lotus, red bean and glutinous rice to the sweet seasoning. A kind of dim sum, it is a classic candy as a bringer of good luck (Lunar New Year) Spring Festival of China.

Photo: by hlin88

Gu~ui-Hwa Tan Ou

Thing of lotus root. Appetizer of sweet tailoring boiled in sugar and stuffed with glutinous rice in lotus root, scented osmanthus flowers.

Photo: by Mr Wabu

Shan Hai Sha Ra, Yang See You Sha Ra

Suna = salad. Yoimo = potato. That of potato salad apple into the eastern style. Cuisine is common in China. Originally, it was something in the Russian restaurant in Shanghai, was put up devised to Chinese who are not accustomed to eat raw vegetables. Potatoes were diced and boiled, sausage, green peas, carrots and so on, you made ​​it tossed In addition salt, pepper, mayonnaise and diced apple.


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